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Bruhnspace provide excellence competence for advanced studies and prototyping, as well as a unique international network. Our Senior Advisory Board provides prominent expert competence in a wide range of fields and advanced engineering and can take an active role in projects.

Bruhnspace Group is proudly presenting the following members of our Senior Advisory Board.


John Hines, M.Sc.

John Hines is an independent, Senior Technology Consultant, specializing in the areas of Space Technologies, Medical and Biological Technologies, Technology Aggregation, and Technology Program/Project Management.

John recently retired as the Chief Technical Officer for the NASA-Ames Research Center (ARC). In that capacity he identified, defined, developed, and integrated transformational space technologies for NASA and national goals and objectives through the ARC Office of the Center Director, and the NASA Chief Technologist. Earlier, John was Chief Technologist in the ARC Engineering Directorate, and, before that, Deputy Chief and Chief Technologist for the Small Spacecraft Division.

John has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Tuskegee University, a MS in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, and has over 40 years of combined NASA, Research Center, and Air Force experience in biological and biomedical technology development, satellite/spaceflight hardware development, electronic systems engineering, program/project management, advanced technology assessment and development, and technology/program advocacy.

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Dr. Thomas George, Ph.D., MS

Former NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory MEMS technology group leader. Tom has a PhD Material Science and Electrical Engineering from UC Berkeley as well as a MS Material Science Engineering. He has a BS in Metallurgy from India Institute of Technology (IIT) in Madras.

Tom has lead development of many MEMS/NEMS technologies and devices as well as dedicated developments for DARPA and AFRL. Some of the developments Tom has been involved in include advanced software algorithms, force detection nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer (FDNMR), micromachined broadband light source (MBLS), various micro-gyroscopes, micro-propulsion, micro-valves, and Bio-MEMS instruments. In addition to NASA he has worked with Intel and National Semiconductor with advanced packaging and holds numerous patents.

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Professor Emeritus Lars Asplund, PhD, MS

Lars Asplund is Professor Emiritus from Mälardalen University in Computer Science with emphasis on System on Chip. He earned his PhD at Uppsala University in Physics 1977 under supervision of laureate Kai Siegbahn. Author of ten books in electronics and robotics.

Research experiences in physics, Learning Systems, Safety Critical Systems, Real-Time Systems, and lately under water robotics, robots for caring of the elderly, implementation issues for vision algorithms in System on Chip (ChipVision).

Since the year of 2000 Lars Asplund has together with various groups of undergraduate students designed several versions of autonomous robots for Robocup. The latest version, Aros, is equipped with several vision systems based on reconfigurable hardware and an optical CAN-bus.

Lars Asplund was the main driving force in establishing Real-Time research in Sweden and Robotdalen, and he was also the head of department for the department of Computer Systems at Uppsala University for five years.


Kjell Brunberg, MS.EE.

Kjell has more than 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and company development and deep knowledge of all aspects within sales, development, manufacturing and maintenance – and related commercial aspects. He has long design experience of embedded electronics and computer systems for industrial applications, data- and telecom, and communication multiplexers. He has also vast know-how in Quality Assurance and certifications as well as program management.

Kjell has founded and been CEO of Hectronic AB, a company focused on development and sales of robust Embedded PC computer boards and solutions for larger OEM's like Ericsson, ABB, Atlas Copco, Volvo, Saab Avionics, Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) and others. Kjell sold Hectronic to British ACAL in 2011. Currently CEO of Upwis AB, a start-up company focusing on Wireless sensors and systems for "Internet of Things" solutions.

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Dr. Jan E. S. Bergman, Ph.D., MS

Jan has a PhD in Space Physics from Uppsala University as well as a MS in Engineering Physics, specializing in radiation and currently work as a senior scientist at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics in Uppsala..

Jan has worked with antenna design and has filed several radio technology patents and in 2000 he co-founded a telecommunications company, where he worked as Research Manager. Jan returned to science in 2004. Since then he has worked with radio instruments and other science payloads for many space projects. He is currently the Instrument Manager for the Radio & Plasma Waves Investigation (RPWI), which is one of 10 payloads selected for the ESA L-class mission JUICE.

Jan's strength lies in his solid knowledge in physics, notably electrodynamics, combined with his creativity and skills as a project manager.

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