Advanced concepts

We offer deep and profound expert knowledge and performs advanced concepts studies and investigations.

System engineering and project management

We offer independent expertise and support on system engineering and project management.

Academic excellence expertise

We offer a strong academic partnership with major universities to tap into top-notch scientists.

Harsh environment

We offer strong expertise in harsh environment design, including space systems. Image courtesy of NASA.

Advanced Projects

msm 108Bruhnspace is bringing the pieces together in advanced product developments. We have the knowhow and network to help other businesses or entreprenours to suceed in their ambitions.

Sometimes projects are proposed by internal staff at Bruhnspace and sometimes ideas comes from an external organization that has either a half finished product or a new idea that need verification and prototyping before going into volume production.

Bruhnspace Advanced Projects can co-fund the development in return for later royalties or acquisition of the rights for certain field-of-view outside the customers core business.


Example projects  Illustrations

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